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Red Pill 'Alpha' Male KICKS OFF Chick For Giving Him Low Rating After Asking Her To Rate Him (Black Conservative Perspective)

Alexis 1411
Alexis 1411 - 367 Views
Published on 15 May 2023 / In People and Blogs

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Credit: Black Conservative Perspective

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 4 months ago

Better question:
Why didn't ALL the girls get up & leave?

You are right on in every assessment, except Fresh & Fit's girls look whorey- these girls don't.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 4 months ago

What do you rate me?
You're a stupid ass bitch.
*Get's bonked on the head with a gold ball

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 4 months ago

Who would EVER watch "Fresh & Fit"?
NONE OF THEM look fresh OR fit!
Those chicks look like used up whores.
Too much make up, too much fat, too little clothes.
FRESH = MINIMAL make up, CLEAN face, natural hair & overall look.
(THINK in terms of food - FRESH peaches, FRESH fruit, not old, spoiling 'time to toss' stuff).
FIT = someone that looks like they hit the beach for good color, hit the gym for good TONE, & someone that looks like they don't over eat, over drink, or smoke or use any kind of drugs. The picture that comes to mind - FRESH & FIT...

In other words, the way I looked when I was 21.
Those chicks look like they've all had kids & forgot to chase them around to get back into shape. still trying to squeeze into the high school clothing size.
They look like they care more about shopping from a Frederick's of Hollywood catalog (Yep, I'm old) or Torrid than shopping the organic produce section of a supermarket.

I can say all of that because I'm old enough to be their mothers & resemble the fat ones more than what I looked like at 21 - was in shape, hot, never under dressed (guess who chases you when you look decent vs showing it all?). Didn't hurt that I was / am 5'8", long legged, model-ly looking - no bra back then & it wasn't indecent as I didn't have enough to hang out everywhere.
Calling that "Fit & Fresh" is an oxymoron or maybe an ironic joke?
& the guys on there? Resemble PIMPS more than normal men.
I've never been able to watch more than one minute to even SEE if anyone had any intelligence - the slutty poses they do makes me think not.

Think I'm being harsh?
Ask your mother what she thinks of them -- if she'd want her daughter to pose like that for those pictures...
Or ask your father if he'd want his girl to look like that or for those men to date his daughter. nope.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 4 months ago

Btw- THESE chicks look WAAAY better than F&F.

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