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REC'D CALL: Canadian Dr. Francis Christian FIRED For Giving People All The Information About The Vax

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 194 Views
Published on 24 Jun 2021 / In Film and Animation

Those three satanists that Fired this Real Doctor are acting like a gang! He stood up for himself very well when these vultures felt that they had the power to over throw his conscious decision to inform people of their rights!

They talk like machine men with machine heart's, in a conjectures language that has no room for open frank dialogue.

These people have too be arrested for crimes against humanity for violation of Nuremberg Laws.

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Wim Lijbrink
Wim Lijbrink 1 month ago

Pure Scum.!

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bluemoose2021 1 month ago

KUDOS to this HONEST and BRAVE DR._____ who dares to SPEAK TRUTH in Canada about a BONE-DEEP corrupt MEDICAL MAFIA operating WORLD WIDE ____ ONE pimping a GENOCIDE-JAB under the FRAUDULENT name of being a ". LEGIT. VACCINE. " ____. IT IS MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT ONE in the least ! ____ MYSTERY Patented CASH-COW JUICE ____ in a JAB IS BEING FORCED UPON US ! ____ MEDICALLY very , very , UN-ETHICAL, _____ very , very CRIMINAL IN ACTION too ! _____ CHECK OUT : " Canadian Front Line " _____ this site was set up as an ANSWER ,to THE DICTATES BY "TURD-O" and MANY of his criminal friends____ from letting NURSES and HEALTH CARE WORKERS ____ TO SPEAK FREELY about the HORRORS and ALL THE LIES they see in their day ____we are being shoveled total BULLSHIT & UBER DECEIT _____ HOURLY & DAILY____ BY these , minions of the D.S. and their DARK AGENDAS AGAINST ALL OF HUMANITY ! _______ let them know _____ I. DO. NOT. CONSENT ! ___ E V E R ! _____from. Canada J

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