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Real Conspiracy By Masonic Politicians and Businesses To Replace Cars With Auto-Drive Computer Cars

JamesRoss - 212 Views
Published on 25 Nov 2023 / In Cars and Vehicles

I noticed in Kanada that used auto part businesses are turning into strictly auto-crushing, recyclers. And the Freemason Politicians are pushing their communistic idealism much harder in Kanada... Whereas in the US, more brainchipped-remote-control bio-robotic goyim are being used to conduct murders more often... just a different angle of attack upon the non-cUlt-sworn people who value their freedom.

The Freemasons and Luciferians are in control of government politics and most big business(they buy-out small, non-cUlt businesses or somehow void their business-license). Need to remove the thUgs from all authority positions. Now the immigrants are being imported to divide-and-conquer the North American established culture with masonic support coming from politics.
Before you know it, auto-parts stores will NOT be able to supply you with replacement parts to keep old cars going.
Fake global-warming claims by freemason politicians will also ban oil-fuel cars and just not register them.

The plan is to make all the cars autonomous driving cars in order to railroad society where the NWO-technocrats Agenda2030 is taking them.


Lets take a deeper look:
The way that Freemasons and Luciferians have been removing non-cUlt people from government paychecks(doctors, nurses, EMS paramedics) since April 1st, 2020, the beginning of Operation-Covid-19( which means "Satan's Sheep Slaughter")... only the brainchipped hivemind thUgs and minions will be driving around in important police, government, EMS, conservation, ministry of truth vehicles with their fuel and maintenance paid-for by global-governance taxes.

We need to ignore the thUgs and begin new local governments which supersede the old corrupt masonic governments... New local constitutions which remove the corrupt, tyrannical, masonic-control over police, military, education, etc.,
And a new local communication system to extract the digital-tyranny of A.i.Lucifer... new money system that replaces the Vatican debt-dollars and cashless-society tyranny.
The time to start battling the cUlt-monsters committed to genocide is right now... the more you linger the greater their hivemind control using brainchipped bio-robots:

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JamesRoss 22 days ago

Well, the Freemasons and Luciferians run almost every position of authority and have consolidated and own every major business that keeps society going... all the equipment to maintain Western society is in the hands of the Freemasons and Luciferians.

Well, when they pull the plug on everything they control and government... they can all just fill all the DUMBs that serve the cUlt rising their Utopia.
After the collapse destroys the West the Freemasons become the communists that they are. They ban everything they dont want for their New Atlantean empire.

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