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Rare Breed Trigger FRT-15 PWS and LWRC Uppers.mov

James Wilson
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Published on 05 Apr 2021 / In Technology

Rare Breed Trigger FRT-15 PWS and LWRC Uppers #Rare_Breed_Trigger_FRT_15_on_PWS_and_LWRC_Uppers​

The Rare Breed Triggers FRT-15 trigger for the AR platform allows very rapid semi-automatic fire from an AR-15 rifle.

Watch this video https://vimeo.com/486478480​, it which shows the trigger in action, explains how it works and why it is legal.

The Rare Breed Triggers FRT-15 trigger is that the FRT-15’s sear forces the trigger to reset with every shot even if you keep continuous pressure on it. It cannot be considered anything but semi-automatic. Rare Breed notes that a heavy buffer and a full-auto bolt carrier group is required for use of the FRT-15.

I ran 6inch Rebel cans on both uppers. I had issues with the PWS MK111 Mod1 piston upper. The first mag was OK, the second mag 5rd burst, FTF, and another 5rd burst. I tried adjusting the gas block on all 3 settings. But the LWRC IC A2 shot four mags with zero issues. The LWRC runs a bit over gassed. At the range, the LWRC was still kicking brass forward. With suppressors I like shooting the PWS better, it is softer shooting.

Compared to the echo trigger, this is much, much faster, and much more natural. In the video, I overused the word "Pleasure" many times but it truly was a pleasure.

#Rare_Breed_Triger_FRT​​ #PWS_MK111​​ #LWCR_IC_A2​​

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