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"Xendrius Exposed" EXPOSED - Demon Magician Hypothesis NOT Disproven

Xendrius - 431 Views
Published on 14 May 2016 / In News and Politics

This video is for the slow-minded believers/supporters of the "Xendrius Exposed" YouTube channel. Learn how a hypothesis works. And learn how to apply the same type of skepticism to everything, not just on things that destroy your worldview.

Showing how 5 out of a 100 "tricks" could maybe be done naturally, does not mean that the other ones are natural by default.
Just because something that is initially used to support a hypothesis/theory - gets disproven, does not mean that the hypothesis is disproven, if that was the case, no one would believe in darwinian evolution, since 95% of everything that has ever been used to support darwinian evolution has been disproven (transitional fossils, embryo gills, whale pelvis etc).

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