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πŸ’₯ "We Have Two Separate Governments" - Flynn/Tucker full interview. Oct 12, 2021

julzee2 - 551 Views
Published on 13 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

Flynn actually says it! The entire interview verifies every Q post ever dropped that gave us clarity on how the whole [spy op] went down. The goal to take Trump down. And at the 21:23 timestamp is the MOAB for those of us who have been learning about Devolution. Flynn describes how "we have two separate Governments". πŸ’₯
Discussion re: Devolution

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Suzanne Anon
Suzanne Anon 2 months ago

Just so long as AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE IS NOT CONNECTED AT THE HIP WITH AND PROXY BULLY FOR ISRAHELL, EVEN AS AGAINST OURSELVES on the soil commonly referred to as 'the United States'...then, so be it.

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Exposing Corruption
Exposing Corruption 2 months ago

Hey Julzee! I got locked out of your discord. I miss y'all. Hope you are well.
Take care,


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