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"Watch Within the Next 48 hrs" - Prepare For What Comes Next (2021)

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Published on 18 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

1,000,000 Must Watch This - Prepare For What Comes Next

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There's this censorship resistance with the payment network. And so one of the things that, again, in the developed world we don't think a lot about is if I want to send you money we have too many options, right? I can hand you physical cash. I can Venmo you. Well what if the government says you can't send money? And sometimes they do that where they'll say, you can't send someone money. This idea of censorship resistance, while i don't think most people around the world today know about their government restricting their access to their money.

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Jiggles 2 months ago

Yes we are worried about it you dumb fucks.

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