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"DC vs America" New Intellectual Froglegs

Intellectual Froglegs
Intellectual Froglegs - 26,049 Views
Published on 08 Mar 2021 / In Entertainment
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enewhuis 4 months ago

Awesome content. Get better lighting tho.

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SkinnyL1zard 4 months ago

I like this! Well done to all involved. I'm Southern so I love hearing Southerners spreading knowledge.

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ChickenLittle 4 months ago

Just found ur Channel sir. ur the BEST. Got a little of everything in ur videos, GREAT JOBBBBBB

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JamesRoss 4 months ago

Very good patriotism,
I just missed where you exposed the world wide Cult the are mainly the Freemason who have been pretty much every president America ever had. Except JFK who was set-up for assassination to subvert the unsworn public moreso than to stop him from exposing the secret-societies undermining America's constitution.

You see, the masons are actually shutting down there local masonic lodges in villages and towns because they now have their hivemind instead. This hivemind is a side-effect of the great work the masons had to rebuild the Tower-Of-Babel... Well, that is what all those paper hearts are about on windows and doors... the A.I. supercomputer "sacred" heart is beating again. A.I. can never come alive and gain a soul, but the wwCult minions are all pretending that it is. The masons see the purpose of USA's prosperity was to provide the placenta for the great work of rebuilding an A.I. computer-god.

I really like this video! Check out the penthouse of Trump tower... it is filled with Mystery School Cult paraphernalia and that should not be taken "Light"ly.

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toxic.monsanto 4 months ago

Wow, really great stuff, and thanks for reminding me how music used to be great!

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