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Questions with Karen and Mondo - Volume 2

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Published on 21 Sep 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

00:26 - What is a good way to grow in discernment in our current entertainment culture?

08:38 - If the 1st resurrection occurred with Jesus from the tomb, why does it say in Rev. 20 that the tribulation martyrs are raised with him and reign for THE Millennium?

13:09 - In Mathew 27:52-53 it says tombs were open and Holy people are resurrected and appear to many. What happened to this group after this? did they continue on earth or follow Jesus to Heaven. How did this not convince the people of the day of who Christ was. It seems an event like this would have been recorded in history other than just the bible.

18:33 - I would like to submit something for you all to talk about. Recently a new trend or an old trend that I have never heard of is people claiming that Jesus is not his real name, that Yehoshua means Joshua and that we have been all wrong.

25:29 - Is it too simplistic to say the beast will be a Gentile? I am basing this on Rev 13:1 taking into account that the sea or water signifies Gentiles. Why is there so much speculation & confusion? It seems there is a new opinion on this topic on a consistent basis.

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