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Putin's Masonic Double-head Phoenix Found In S. France By Sean Hross

JamesRoss - 70 Views
Published on 07 Jun 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

The double-Head Phoenix over the Russian Flag should tell the non-Cult people that the Russian war on Ukraine is just a stage-show to push the NWO agenda over Europe. The two heads means deception like a snake-tongue.

Freemasons are the secret communists hiding within western civilization and now they will allow Russia and China to take over the dumbed-down sheeple in their NWO
techno-feudalistic A.i. world governance agenda.
Dr. Sean Hross had a place to work for a year in Southern France where he explains the symbolism of Masonic 3-4 concepts on most corporate logos.
Then, Sean finds EU-Police and a 33rd degree double-headed Phoenix Crest highlighting "The Empire" in the streets of S. France. It is the (New Atlantean) Empire symbol(which Sean seem unaware of) if you know nothing about the secret societies rising their Utopia-for-thUgs, then study William Cooper's Mystery Babylon Radio Series.

Dr. Hross does not correspond that Putin has replaced the USSR hammer and sickle with the Double-headed Phoenix which is expected to rise from that ashes of the old western civilization.


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