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Pure Evil! Bill Gates Patent ‘666’ Exposes COVID-19 Is Tip of This Unfathomable Government Agenda!

We Are America
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Published on 22 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

After much vetting and research we have astounding information to present to you. Bill Gate’s Microsoft has acquired a patent that links COVID-19, Prophecy and future Pandemics. All wrapped up in what they are saying is a Cryptocurrency distribution system that pays you based on your brain wave activity, your body heat and your body fluid movement: yep, that’s in patent #’666’. Now when you take this a step further and tie in other emerging technologies that DARPA is working on you will find the ‘sensor’ outlined in the patent (but not very well described) is already in existence. We will expose the tech, the tyranny and the plan to monitor each and everyone of us..via, if we dare say it…a device on or IN YOUR SKIN that will report back your ‘ACTIVITY’ to, in one case pay you, and in another to trip off the machine if you’ve been exposed to future Influenza. It’s as real as it gets!


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