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PTPA (WAR ROOM Ep 181): $1.1 Billion to Taliban, Cambridge Dictionary, harmful language' list

Pull The Pin Already
Pull The Pin Already - 357 Views
Published on 28 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

Pull the Pin Already (WAR ROOM Ep 181): Jim and Nate discuss various headlines found in today’s media. Opinions are based on personal experience and not from the content of the article, unless someone has happened to read it. What’s your take on the opinions and concerns expressed during the show? Let them know by discussing your own views in the comments below. If you like what they have to say click the like button below and share this video with your friends. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell for future episodes.
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Pedro-Martin de Clet

Ukraine used to be called khazaria = impostor jews playing a real life 3 card Monty.

American Peoples Taxes are for use in America, illegal use of any of these tax monies,
Is a capitol crime & any violations shall be enforced.

Please ask yourselves this =

Why is the headquarters of the IRS in Puerto Rico as a separate corporation apart from u.s. government ?

Irs Exposed: Irs Is a Privately Owned Puerto Rican Trust

IRS Tax Offices in Puerto Rico

IRS Dirty Dozen List Includes Abusive Puerto Rico Captive Insurance Transactions

& why does Puerto Rico suffer so much, if all American Tax monies are held there ?

Shouldn't Puerto Rico be compensated by the IRS for the use of its zip code.

Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico pay no taxes, so what is the IRS doing there ?

Is it some kind of legalized ponzi scheme that leaves Washington able to steal all of these tax dollars & then be able to say =

Oh no, that was Puerto Rico ?

Please, spread this far & wide.

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