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Prosecutors want to send Pastor Artur Pawlowski back to prison - Rebel News

Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey - 189 Views
Published on 27 Jul 2021 / In Spiritual

Pastor Artur Pawlowski made international headlines for his passionate defence of freedom of religion. The video of him telling armed lockdown police to “get out!” of his church was a rallying cry for people around the world.

For his defiance, Pastor Artur was jailed for three days — one of four Christian pastors thrown in prison by the Alberta government, which had the most vicious anti-Christian lockdown in the world.

Well, the lockdown is finally over in Alberta. But incredibly, the government isn’t done yet with Pastor Artur.

They want to send him back to prison for 21 more days — all because he refuses to admit he was wrong.

There is no more lockdown.

Opening his church is no longer illegal.

But because he won’t apologize for doing so earlier, he is being prosecuted for “contempt” — and the government is demanding he serve 21 days of hard time.

I really couldn’t believe it, so I flew to Calgary for an emergency meeting with Pastor Artur’s lawyers.

Pastor Artur violated the lockdown law for one hour.

And for that — and the fact that he won’t renounce his faith, or his legal rights — prosecutors are seeking a 21-day prison term in revenge. On top of the three days he’s already served.

As you can see, we have an excellent legal team — Sarah Miller, a brilliant litigator, and Chad Haggerty, who was a Mountie for 17 years before becoming a criminal lawyer.

If anyone can keep Pastor Artur out of prison, it’s these two.

Please help us crowdfund the legal bills for Pastor Artur. We’re up against the unlimited resources of the Government of Alberta, who clearly are out for revenge.

Please click here, or go to (All donations will received a charitable receipt from The Democracy Fund.)

Thanks — it’s up to us to stop this travesty of justice.

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