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President Trump Setup Democrats In “Sting Operation"

CitizenJournalist.News Gregg Huestis
Published on 05 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

President Trump Setup Democrats In “Sting Operation"

These videos are from an organization that has been speaking to these coming political trends for many years: Tomorrow's News Today

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no0negun 22 days ago

Too bad this has turned out to be fake.

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Comrade Pikachu
Comrade Pikachu 22 days ago

I wish he would have done this. It would have been friggin hilarious when the recounted.

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Kherbold 22 days ago

If this were true it would have been addressed already!!!

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Kitson 23 days ago

This is not true!

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CitizenJournalist.News Gregg Huestis

You asked about the firings & arrests....Eysper GONE. HASPLE on her way out, Wray on his way out, Fauci hopefully on the way out...There have been voter fraud arrests all over the nation...Granted they are the small fish & the whales are going to be more difficult to jail but that's where it's headed!

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