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President Trump 60 Minutes Interview

Danny DuBose
Danny DuBose - 548 Views
Published on 22 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

The White House's Release of the 60 Minutes interview with President Trump. Draw your own conclusions.

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BandiaQ420 1 month ago

Who ever the hell is interviewing is either; completely rainwashed or mind controlled or an total idiot. To ask about the cases and not ask about deaths is beyond idiotic. She needs to quit her day job.

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MickeyDT17 1 month ago

It is an outrage how the sick media continually badger President Trump. Greatest leader this world has known in modern times. These people will be very sorry one day.

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no0negun 1 month ago

I never thought I’d say it but Trump has serious grace and patience.
May god speed you along on your journey to your next 4 years as POTUS, Donald J Trump.

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SliceOfLife 1 month ago

Lets freakin hope that he gets reelected

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Ski Junkie
Ski Junkie 1 month ago

For reals. Otherwise we won't be able to afford ski passes anymore. And everyone will be skiing on garbage Chinese made skis...

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Spark of Light
Spark of Light 1 month ago

@Ski Junkie: US made all the way my dude.

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