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President John F Kennedy WARNING us all

Jess Sosnoski
Jess Sosnoski - 119 Views
Published on 20 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

President John F Kennedy WARNING us all

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

If we were NOT in Purgatory, I might “persist” with my Antagonism of the FREE MASON Lodge Members in our home towns, but the TIME has come to accept we are in that part of the Book of Revelation where SATAN must be released for a little while Longer that means till 2094 CE you will have to BLEND IN, and if possible Live Well, and Die Free…

The UNITED NATIONS of CORPORATIONS is the World Police of Peacekeepers, and those and them that Reject the Source of All Creation and All Destruction shalt now accept their Fate as the ones whom are the Ancestors of them that Ripped Open the Heavens with their Trillion Watt Godzilla NASA Weapons, and as THEY LIVE utilize their Lies Agreed Upon, it will be said that North Korea somehow got pass the U.S. Defenses……., and Launched a Nuclear Weapon from this North Korean “Submarine” just as China Launched the Nuclear Weapon on Beirut Lebanon in 2020 CE and the U.N. Troops [covered it up] Qballs~ /_\ by saying that Nuclear ICBM was wheat making gas going Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!! for #QANON….

Now, I know your “Spirits” ARE connected too (YOUR SOULS) [{**}] being the Flesh, and Blood, and Bones of the many Human Body AVATARS in these Catacombs and Grave Yards of CORPORATION Hermetically Sealed CAPITALIST Coffins’ and YOU’M will want too die where we died in every past DE-JA-VU…….., so if you can not or wilt not (leave) [{*}] Seattle Washington USA, thence, when the “U.N. of Corporation INTERNATIONALIST drops the Nuclear Attack too Blame North Korea, you will live as the people of JAPAN at the end of WW2…

WE know from the MUD FLOOD WARS that computers have always been, we know these PizzaGATE Satanist of WAR IS MURDER for Capitalism INVETRO Machine People “Types” with their MALFUNCTIONING Eyes blew up the whole wide world, and we know (The Lesson) +=+ of those {Whom done what} must play out in this ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE the game of Purgatory will be Purgatory……..., but more important, The MEMORY of the Wheat, and the Tares from the NEW TESTAMENT Jewish Gospels, and as for the Old Testament JEWISH Gospels, I keep seeing all the Weapons used in “Past Wars” by this Byzantine International Global Corporate Debt Slave EMPIRE here in their HARRIS FARMER’S ALMANAC in the {Book of AMOS} where God Turned Mountains into Melted caramel candy…

With Weapons such as this, you can now look at what was done, what happened, and what must happen till the END OF TIME in 2094 CE where our children, and those we know that many will put on the VR Helmets to give them NEW MEMORIES, and make them [forget] /-\ all that we know, and the more INJECTIONS, and the more you Take Your Pills with SIDE EFFECTS, the more these people will be lost to {WE ARE} as they seek to be like #AMTV Capitalism Crypto CORPORATION U.N. FLAG “Types” of SPACE FORCE and to the Faked Moon Landings in the 1960’s for (THEY LIVE) that think SATAN is the “Source” of All Creation and All Destruction when the Book of Books NEVER Spake: that Lucifer the Devil was nothing more nor less than an Angel, and then a DEMON of the Divine, but that Christ Jesus 1.0 was “chosen” to be a Child of the Real God of this Old DE-JA-VU Reality, and that I was to be born as The Oracle for the End of an Age connected of The Source of All Creation, and All Destruction….

IN this my Children and People of Pak-Toe, know the “Racka” in MATHEW 5 are these O.T.O. Thelema Wicca Hollywood FAKE JEWS of the Roman Catholic Jesuit Zionist called USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!!

THEY LIVE break the 10 commandments, and WE ARE do not….

#LowKarg the Demon of the Dragon G.O.D. known as DRACO!!!

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