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PREMEDITATED MASS MURDER? Reiner Fuellmich's Upcoming Legal Battle Against Gates, Fauci & Tedros

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 1,641 Views
Published on 12 Jan 2022 / In Film and Animation

⁣They’re intentionally trying to find out what dose, what dosage to use to kill people.

⁣Every one of these evil people need to pay for their war crimes. We know it is not a vaccine and that it is killing people, all intentional.

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Maturebeauty 4 months ago

If you read the Gain of Function Abstract it states their intention, “to advise” public policy makers. These criminals intended to high-Jack the issuance of public policy in order to perpetuate their crimes against humanity. READ THE ABSTRACT on the Gain of Function research paper.

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