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Podcast Interview #006 - ConverXations with Xan John - The Debt Problem & Solutions

TheFreedomProject2020 - 147 Views
Published on 08 Jul 2022 / In News and Politics

Xan John had myself, Gregory K. Soderberg, and Wes Lund on to discuss the problem with our debt-based monetary system and what we can do to remedy ourselves from this legacy system of enslavement. While we fully agree on the source of the problem, we don't align in how best to create the solution. While most want to somehow make government work in ways which have proven over and over to be fruitless and futile, I suggest that the entire system needs to be scrapped and replaced with a NEW system that fully frees humanity from all of these systems at once.

What are your thoughts and input?

Xan John's main Rumble Channel:

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The Freedom Project 2020 Home Page:

TFP 2020 - "The Plan to Free Humanity"

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