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Podcast Interview #001 - Shit Shooting 101 - Proposing a Replacement for Government

TheFreedomProject2020 - 155 Views
Published on 26 Apr 2022 / In News and Politics

Released on September 28, 2021.

This is the video version of the first podcast interview I ever did concerning my work on The Freedom Project 2020 and the proposed Natural Law Republic as the ultimate solution to the "government" problem that has plagued humanity for millennia. I had just finished up writing the documentation the day before this interview was recorded and have made revisions since, which will be talked about in successive podcasts.

If you're interested at all in actually solving the problems and enslaved conditions of humanity, this is a must hear conversation. And for those wondering why I am looking to my left for most of the interview, I am totally deaf in my left ear and was essentially talking to a speaker to the left of my monitor as the host only does an audio only podcast format. I recorded the conversation directly on my computer with my webcam so that I could upload the interview to my video channels.

If we ever hope to be free in this world and create a future in which we can thrive and achieve our full potential as individuals, we MUST UNITE and create a new system that renders the current predator classes OBSOLETE. This is the only truly peaceful and viable solution to that brighter future...

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