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Plastic AR15! ATI Omni Hybrid Max

Nutnfancy - 10,783 Views
Published on 05 Mar 2021 / In Firearms

UGETube Nutnfancy: Register: https://[email protected]
UGETube Nutnfancy: Register:
GAB Nutnfancy, let’s get real!

You wouldn't think this thing would work but it does...and well. In this Nutnfancy Black Rifle Review (yes!) we consider the ATI Omni Hybrid Max. Now some other polymer ARs have come out prior to this Omni and they had mixed success. I waited a bit to see if the tech did.
With many outings on this gun, we found the Omni Hybrid to be reliable, accurate enough, with great ergos (surprising trigger). You will be surprised by some of the quality features put into this value AR too. And of course that it is super lightweight just adds to the attraction and its versatility.

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"Handgun Haven" helped make this review possible with this loaner! Please show your support to them and pay them a visit: 2140 3600 W, West Valley City, UT 84119, (801) 746-9397, Adam Pratt owner. Use code NUTNFANCY for 10% off.

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liquidanthrax 10 months ago

Forward assist saved Kyle Rittenhouse life and like the army said if it saves one life it’s worth it. Love ya nutnin

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Yq397r 1 year ago

Just clicked the like button: Like number 223, It was meant to be!

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DLove 1 year ago

So best bang for your buck ? ?

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zaboha 2 years ago

new UGEtuber here. Following you here now too!

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DakotaKid 2 years ago

Excellent review. I have this rifle and do appreciate the price-point and cool factor. However, mine had issues eating Wolf JHP and HP several times. It also became wiggly in the barrel after a few hundred rounds. Took it to my local gunsmith and had it fixed. He claimed factory spacing issues. Maybe a one-off but all good otherwise.

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