PLANDEMIC Part 1 (Dr. Judy Mikovits)

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Published on 06 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

Dear gatekeepers of truth and free speech, before removing this video, please read these words:

The world is watching you. We understand the pressure you’re under to censor any information that contradicts the popular narrative. We know the risk that comes with defying the orders of those who pull the strings. We realize even the biggest of tech giants are under the command of powerful forces that wield the ability to destroy your empire with the click of a key. But due to the critical condition of our world, “I was just doing my job” is no longer an acceptable excuse.

This is no time to play politics. Our future is your future. Your family’s future. Your children’s future. Your grandchildren’s future. This is a plea to the human in you. Preventing this information from reaching the people is taking a firm stance on the wrong side of history. A choice you will certainly live to regret as truth exponentially emerges. There is nothing, no billionaire, no politician, no media, no level of censorship that can slow this awakening. It is here. It is happening. Who’s side are you on?

And to the citizens of this magnificent planet...

If anything is clear at this moment, it is the fact that no one is coming to save us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Though great forces have worked long and hard to divide us, our resilience, strength, and intelligence has been gravely underestimated. Now is the time to put all our differences aside. United we stand. Divided we fall.

Be brave. Share this video far and wide! Should this video be removed from this platform, download your own copy at:

Then, upload directly to all of your favorite platforms. You have our full permission to spread this information without limitation.


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XwpisONOMA 8 months ago

The video on UGETube does not load. If you try to go to the URL is hijacked to this website --->, with the following message:


Judy Mikovitz is bat shit crazy (COVID pun intended)
Bill Gates is not patenting any of these drugs ... and what the fuck do you think he would do with >$100 millon more anyway?
Masks aren't going to kill you
The world is scary now. Believing that this is all part of a global conspiracy is more comforting than the truth. If we give into fear and ignore *actual* science things will only get worse

In other words some (((people))) do not want us to see and hear Dr. Mikovits telling her side of the story.

There is only one reason why this would happen:
(((THEY))) do not want us to know the truth. How stereotypical of the "chosen tribe" who feel more special and more important than the rest of the world and using their filthy wealth and sheer dictatorial pressure get what (((THEY))) want.

Start calling them out WHEREVER WHENEVER you encounter their dirty self-absorbed disgusting presence. They are using their fake so called holocaust (= holohoax) narrative to impose on us guilt as if every living person on the earth right now is responsible IF something happened 75 years ago. Ridiculous! At last it is war and it is about survival. Defend yourselves OR you will be annihilated, this is (((THEIR))) plan all along. It boils down to the survival of the fittest: It's us or (((THEM))) and by God, I intend to take with me as many sheenies as possible before I go down !!! Wake up people: At last STAND UP and FIGHT for SOMETHING or you will FALL for ANYTHING !!!

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victoriousballa68 3 months ago

your bat shit crazy !

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Marilyn Watene
Marilyn Watene 14 days ago

Don't trust people who slander others to promote themselves. You should be ashamed. Mikovitz is not doing this for profit of fame...she is doing us a service.

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foreverfree7 8 months ago

This is truly amazing, as is your book! Being someone who has suffered with M.E. at least since 1977 your revelation to put a "who, what and why" to my questions all these years has brought me to tears. Some grateful tears, but much anger for those who could have, should have done something to relieve the suffering, and death. You are my hero, for allowing God to use you at such peril to reveal all of it! Thank you and may God richly reward and bless you in every way. Much love and prayers!

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mdvirgilio 8 months ago

Thanks for posting this because the totalitarians at Youtube took it down.

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Betty Davis
Betty Davis 8 months ago

Wow...very impressed. Takes a lot of courage. Ty.

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fjdavis85 8 months ago

You can't download from YouTube its delete but if you download a screen can share it to your gmail #thinkoutsidethebox

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