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Plandemic, Compromising Our No. 1 and 2 Defense Systems are Intentional

Peace Terrorist
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Published on 24 Jan 2021 / In Health

Plandemic, Compromising Our No. 1 and 2 Defense Systems are Intentional

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Eover13 1 month ago

"Listen to the science" is what these idiots keep saying. The fact is that they (fraud fauci and others) have been deceptive in the science. It is ridiculous. Even local doctors and nurses are going along with this crap. I am sick of this shit.

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Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist 25 days ago

science has lost it credibility and scientist have been sold out by the corps

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nadineblack 1 month ago

This whole thing is disgusting the vaccine is a scam. If they really wanted to stop this so call SARS 2 virus they would come up with something to stop it from getting into the cell, I hear Zinc, HCQ, VIT C, Ivermectin, Quercetin, ECGC, VIT D, erythromycin, and a steroid nebulizer like Budesonide all works very well to treat this so called virus. But instead this vaccine is a synthetic piece of the Virus protein put in a fat lipid so it can cross the cell membrane and GO INSIDE THE CELL. Makes no Fu(%ing sense. This virus should not be placed into our cellular structure it should be blocked from getting into the cell. The real Pandemic is how stupid people are. To speak the Truth is treason in an Empire of lies.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

It goes without Saying the DNA is as Fake as Splitting the ATOM that is the smallest conception of all matter, but since we know Code + Magic + Alchemy = SORCERY, then youm whom do CHEMISTRY know that this information is the same Spells - Craft - Potions from the OLD GREEK Teachings where all words Originate on THIS SIDE of FLAT EARTH as our Task Masters are these FREE MASON Lodge Members as OUT POST from the Other Side of The World in our "SHARED" Celestial Sphere with that spoken,

VACCINES are Subjugation "Instruments" on we the OPPRESSED and OCCUPIED [nonmason] +=+ TAX PAYING U.N. Citizen EMPLOYEE people by these FREE MASON {U.N. FEDERATION} of Confederacy U.N. FLAGS where the U.S. FLAG has taken away {all 50 STATES rights} too be Independent, Autonomous, Sovereign, REPUBLICS,

and this U.S. FLAG is {nothing more} / * \ then Incubus and Succubus of Doppelgangers from the Southern Hemisphere, and their COMMAND and CONTROL of our "Shared" Celestial Sphere BY WAY of these {D.U.M.B.S.} in our shared INNER EARTH....

The Commander~ † ///|||\ Ω


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