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Perspectives On Canadian Dystopian Sabotage By Castro and his Freemason Hoodwinker Politicians

JamesRoss - 207 Views
Published on 16 Jun 2024 / In How-to and Style

"Celestial" (the Brainchip-Puppet-Preacher) is moreso connected to the masters' voices that also guide Freemasonry what treachery to do next to Canada and the West...
The Dystopia within North America is planned to end after organized famine... after the current, highly-organized, covert-invasion by illegal migrants/"warriors" and then communist troops. Gay-Frog Masonic-Treachery

I would guess that North America would have to be invaded before Europe... after the fake Ukraine conflict drains funding and military gear away from the West without any effort to manufacture more, so it is just a process of depletion before the treachery of the Freemasons in authority reveal themselves as secret-communists, running the countries, right from the very beginnings. (To save your country from the treachery... you will need to see the treachery, which you are, then you will have to understand who the traitors are and what they are planning, you will need to remove the traitors to your country before they poison and kill you... Knight Templars(Freemasons and Luciferians) have always poisoned their victims into death-plagues through deception.)

Freemason treachery is just an extension of past Knights Templar treachery with Switzerland as their refuge in the Alps.

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