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People dropping dead like flies from the Covid Vax

Druanna Ravenmoonshadow
Druanna Ravenmoonshadow - 2,985 Views
Published on 17 Jun 2021 / In How-to and Style

People dropping dead like flies from the Covid Vax.
Become a Diplomat and protect your family!

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sndanc 1 month ago

Well as far as cleansing, the nice lady from 'youarefreetv' (presently available on Rumble after having been shut down on youtube like just about everyone else don't you know) did cover that for people that had taken any of the vacs, as that is about your last option in that situation.
While, if you hadn't taken any of the vacs, you MIGHT not have to do the cleansings if you are only concerned with Covid alone, which is nothing for a healthy person anyway, just maybe take hydroxychloroquine and a zinc supplement. (I thought way back in Mar. 2020 I might have contracted Covid-I believe they were likely spraying it in Walmarts to help the spread at that time-I just bought a few bottles of Tonic Water that has quinine in it-an active ingredient in hydroxychloro'quine' and a zinc supplement.)
But then there arises the question of whether any part of these Satan provided vacs are really capable of 'shedding' from a vacsed person to others??? Shedding, as you may likely already be aware, is a known and considered possible feature for assuring the spread of inoculation to others who have not taken a vaccine jab-one jabbed person shedding/spreading to others. One does wonder (and hope) that these vacs may be so complex even on a nano level that they may not shed well???
If shedding is a likely and effective feature of these vacs, we are in real trouble. It is considered that only 25% of the U.S. population has taken the jab, but if shedding occurs and occurs effectively we may lose a lot more that the already terrible 85 million (25%) in the U.S. alone.
One can easily imagine the collective rage of surviving family members resulting in many many Covid and vac liars being hunted down, extracted from their homes, businesses or other places of refuge and hung from the first readily available feature that would serve the purpose by crowds likely containing discharged police officers.
Eliminating the police is a major mistake as the police are a from top down control feature that benefits Satan as they enforce Satan's installed laws. Eliminating the police which does HAVE to happen in any case will allow the police to be replaced by armed citizens/militia eliminating political and Satanic top down control allowing Satan's minions to FINALLY begin disappearing rather quickly.

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