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Pentagon Developing "Deep Fakes" To Deceive the Public . Entertainment . Mount1

Ambassador,  Dr William Mount
Published on 13 May 2023 / In News and Politics

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gang 5 months ago

linda yaccarino is columba gallo sister

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gang 5 months ago

try bois de vincennes holande youngster disguised as cop
and cop disguised as youngster
roaming around dalai tongue lama caravan for getting tongue sucked

meet modi trolls at bois de boulogne around roland garros
getting tongue sucked by transgender lepen and giscad army

macron crosses paris hidden in flashing ambulance for escaping people and reporters

matbieu ricard is jimmy dvorski cousin
pretending to deal for michou pivot
fathering bertrand dvorski
living with melinda pascchos lepen
near giscard and ghislaine hide out avenue foch

meet westminster at afrobeat party with melinda paschos lepen at lvmh

batten and biden
were depending on chirac-lepen-bouygues-giscard squad
robbing mgm at paris 11 around pâssage bon secours
for plugging themselves at washington and elysee

guy looks like sogyal without hair on top head under cap at tcv

... tenzin chirac is bald, myopic dwarf, stuttering, nervous, aggressive, analpahebet, arrogant, narcissic, full of himself
on dalai tongue lama

robbing america with diana and batten

they do not look like bruce lee ...

but like bald and myopic dwarfy an crappy bureaucratic dalai tongue lama flunkey

without anything to share with america and europe, asia and africa

tenzin chirac is buckingham mole hidden at tcv

sticking whole sea org in french asian snack rooms and massage room

outsourcing diana

pretending to be viet, chinese, japanese, korean, ...

for robbing america

on dalai tongue lama at paris and around

meet lagerfeld on dalai tongue lama at ghislaine hide out with melinda paschos lepen avenue foch

chirac-bouygues-lepen pedophile family from sea org

trading isabelle attali with claude chirac and cecile lepen

on dalai tongue lama

is buckingham mole

dealing for westminster, biden and batten

through jacques martin, etienne mougeotte, charles begbeder, ciganer, mathieu ricard, becaud , resnais ...

robbing america at paris 11 around pasage bon secours

marine lepen and mathieu ricard pretending to be illuminati on bouygues hub at tf1 with jean marie chirac at lvmh

tenzin lepen from tcv
mukpo and samdhong at front national

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