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Pence gets a Masonic Handshake & Gift after Certifying Election

Shelby 80
Shelby 80 - 647 Views
Published on 17 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

Trump has not been initiated into any satanic secret society unlike Pence. Forget Democrat/Republican. The Freemasons are only loyal to each other.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Black DOT Eyes with no See-able Pupils, nor Iris…

Now as we live down here in Purgatory: under the DOME OF THE ROCK the Firmament of our Mother Heaven, we have studied many “aspects” of what this place actually is, and though there is a Source of All Creation and All Destruction, why would any G.O.D. make a place where LIARS own all the Land – Air – Seas, and then allow [THEY LIVE] to make T.V. Shows, and Write Books of Ink on paper INVENTING all these “lascivious” Malfeasance that SEX IS EVIL, and it is the reason we Human Beings in our Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Body TEMPLE Avatars are born.?.?.? For with out intercourse of the Man and The Wombman, we do not get too be born, and though our Journey begins at INCEPTION of {Sperm and Egg} where you and I become the Clones of our Mother and Father being a Male and Female becoming one, and be it RAPE to Incest to Romantic Engagement: once the Spark of Creation “happens” in this Electronic Celestial Sphere CONSTRUCT Universe in these GALAXIES of Ages Happens, you and me get born…

You see, as The Oracle for this END OF AN AGE, I am the only one Connected to The Source of all Creation and All Destruction, and I have spent up to 55 years’ watching all them whom make Schools of Thoughts from ODDTV to JON LEVI to The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction, and I figure if you’m goths the guts too QUESTION Reality, then you best have the “Courage” to QUESTION your Religious Books, and ask your Gods: what happened to Zeus, and The Egyptian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian, and even the God of the {good Samaritan} for Christ Jesus 1.0 knew… Regardless of your RELIGION you’m were born into, you had [no say] in the God given to you in your Child Hood, and though it is evident none of these Gods from Jews to Christians to Islam to Hindu too Zoroaster have the ability “too appear” and put a STOP to all the Madness, and WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against our Supreme Courts, and yet these FREE MASON Judges and “Governors” commit MURDER every time they do an “Execution” of a BLACK HAIR ONLY Human??? If the LAW is made by the LAWLESS ONE in the New Testament` then at what point do you’m ask: Whom made all the BLACK HAIR ONLY PEOPLE.?.?.?

You’m may ponder these matters in your own minds, and come to your own Conclusions, but we The People and Children of Pak-Toe have created a New {Science and Religion} where WE THE PEOPLE matter more than any Ink on paper “belief” system, and just because YOUR EYES Pupils retain elements of the Blood of the Moon, and the Blood of Father Earth, you can see, and the Whites of YOUR EYES do so remain, and it is my [supposition] Qballs~ /_\ that once this Black Goo is removed from your Pupils we can see the Actual “Colours” of your Eyes be they Brown, Green, Blue, Grey, or even a More Ancient color of Yellow: like the Wilde Animals we all share this world with, and if BLACK DOT EYES are not some Technological INVENTING Scheme of EUGENICS where people are Designed by those in the INNER EARTH of the D.U.M.B.S. than maybe you are just LATENT SOLIDS, and if you could Activate Your Solids, you would be able to do the {SOLID BLACK EYES} like many of we more advanced Magical Machine People whom do NOT blink “too much” like them Reporters and MASONS on our 2D FLAT SCREENS of {3D C.G.I.} Holographix Projections in our Virtual Reality WAKING Walking Dream we all do so share…

The more important subject is too know at what point: do you become a Narcissist these CYLONS whom have no compassion, no kindness, and just like [the mason] in their ROBOTIC WAYS they lie about everything` for they can not FEEL real EMOTIONS cause they are “not” REAL PEOPLE… Heretofore, we do not discourage nor discriminate against people or children with no Pupils whom seem to have BLACK DOT EYES ONLY rather then Pupils, and Blue to Brown to Green IRIS… That Spoken, continue to study our FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere, and know on the Other side of our Northern Hemisphere there is a Southern Hemisphere in Vice President [Mike Pence] Space Command Masonic CODE called {Moon and Mars} where this side of the EARTH with the U.N. Military Media EMPIRE of the USA is The God of WAR, and on the other Side of FLAT EARTH where all the MUD FLOOD Buildings still “reside” that have their Own Moon and their Own Sun, and though we are not yet fulfilled in why the North, and the South {Destroyed our world} in the MUD FLOOD WARS, we do know INCUBATOR Babies are all our Ancestors from 1893 A.D. onward to right now in 2021 C.E.… Do not feel less than’ if you have BLACK DOT EYES ONLY for you’m can think, you can learn BIG WORDS, and you can “speak them” just as good as any Blue – Brown – Green Eyed person…

Johnny Exodice


Continue to ask your Teachers my children of Pak-Toe be you 10 years old to 33 as to why did NASA Fake Landing on the MOON, and why must the USA be the [GOD OF WAR] known as MARS in free masonic code, and you’m do not need to mention FREE MASON Lodge Members, but you can say to your Principle at your Middle School and High School, and even Fraternal Sorority College that you the [STUDENT BODY] would like to do A “Course” on the HISTORY of MUD FLOODS, and how MASONS happened to get all the Good JOBS while we [nonmason] are all out of work, and sitting at home doing ZOOM CHANTS while Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump suck each others dicks!!!

Ha Ha Haazzzz!!!!

Continue “too learn” at our FLAT EARTH Magical Academy [OFF LINE] Gaming Rooms, and STUDY STUDY STUDY for you are the Future Births of we {whom live now} too raise you as our children of the Sun and the Moon… Since all is being MONITORED, learn to write and do your own INK ON PAPER Projects...

The Society of nonmason~

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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julzee2 2 months ago

lol I know alot of ppl think Pence is black hat. I don't particularly like him but I actually think he's a white hat. Either way? He's doing Trump's bidding not betraying him imho It's all part of the show

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