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Published on 29 Aug 2018 / In People and Blogs

this pastor kicks member and his family out of church for no reason and then couldn't give a legitimate reason for it

Pastor Paul Manansala of Crossroad Community Church in Jersey City, New Jersey (also known as www.crossroadjc.com) told the member and his family from the church he is the pastor of to find another church to belong to because he couldn't be a pastor to the member or his family any longer. this pastor didn't want this person a member of his church because he has questions and the pastor couldn't answer them or "have time for him" This church and/or pastor is not biblical. It's not as real to him as it is to the person he told to leave.. He contradicts himself continuously and the job he has signed up to do, out of his own mouth he is not able to do. It's not a good fit for anyone to belong to this church. Though we know the desire to be in a church and be around like minded believers is very sincere, you will not get it from this organization. For a pastor to outright say he won't make time to have discussion with a member about differences he finds as "major" is so troubling. That's exactly his job. He wants to grow his church while admitting he's not able to pastor the current members he has now. so instead he chooses to tell the member and his family to "find another church to belong to"

can a preacher kick members out of a church? http://lavistachurchofchrist.o....rg/LVanswers/2006/06

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Messianic Hermit
Messianic Hermit 3 years ago

I just subscribed, been getting your videos in my suggestions feed, Yeshua bless you for your videos.

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OurCurrentReality 3 years ago

thank you for your support! yes, people are watching! we spent alot of time putting everything together all for your experience and pleasure in truth. new uploads every monday and at times in mid week! :)

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