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PART 1: Losing the Vaccine Lottery: $1MILLION in Medical Bills & Disability for Life w/o Compensation

David Knight
David Knight - 208 Views
Published on 04 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

Governments everywhere are bribing people with $1 Million lottery. But this woman lost that much and is permanently disabled after nearly dying from Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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Boetie 14 days ago

The lady that got the pseudo vaccine, is STUPID as a ton of bricks. I have less and less compassion for these people. Take for example one of my frieds, I warned him on and on and on to not take the Pfizer gene therapy. Well he and his family are brainwashed zombies by TV. So all took it. Well my friend won the lottery in the form of brain clot to the brain and paralysis. He is now the criminals MDs say, ok. I do not believe one word from them. So did his MD report the side effect as a consequence of thes untested, unsafe, experimental gene therapy ??? Absolutely not. I have asked to pressure the doctor to report it but then again people like him are brainwashed and believe the lies big pharma mafia and totally evil politicians fabricate. THEY WANT US DEAD. It is quite clear now that it is indeed about genocide.

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