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Parody Twitter Birdwatch Fact-Checking Propaganda Program Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Pandemic.mp4

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Published on 26 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

Parody Twitter Birdwatch Fact-Checking Propaganda Program Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Pandemic

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, how can so many Incubus and Succubus be in on these LIES AGREED UPON from the Fake Space Moon Landings too the {ever present} lie of COVID19 that the Corona is nothing more then the COMMON COLD In all [Medical Text Books] from 2019 back too the ends of the Beginning of Time!!!

Since we know FREE MASON lodge members are our Mayors to School Boards to City Councils, and this plays out in every U.N. FLAG, I would be more “concerned” about Magic + Code + Alchemy = Sorcery, and since too covey a lie, you must {repeat that lie} over and Over and OVER on all the {NEWS} World Order Media in each and every country: on this side of FLAT EARTH, and when these Liars of Malfeasance no longer can hide the TRUTH of things like PizzGATE being a Direct Connection to their Hollywood FREE MASON Lodges and Temples INITIATION Practices,

than the “World Media” just IGNORES we the humans whom are being OPPRESSED, and murdered day in and day out, just as THEY LIVE no longer Mention FLAT EARTH, nor our Celestial Sphere that Proves ALL THE BOOKS on Space are just [made up] Fantasist FANTASY from Anime to Star Trek and Star WARS, and since everyone: no matter the Land they live have these 2D FLAT EARTH 3D C.G.I. Black Mirror SCREENS,

OUR children are raised on these lies, so The Sorcery of THE RAPTURE of Video Games will Trick or Treat our children in all Countries to do WAR IS MURDER when Murder is Against our Supreme Courts, and yet, even the LAW Makers Break their OATH OF OFFICE as “Oath Breaker” when The Judge says: You are to be Sentenced TOO DEATH when too kill is too murder,

and does not your Churches to Temples to Mosk to Synagogues say: Thou Shalt not Kill.?.?.?, and what happens to WE THE PEOPLE when we go to WAR.?.?.? We break the LAW, and we murder one another for OLD WINE SKINS whom live {off of our Taxes} as our Congress – Parliament – Senates, so our Presidents can be Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses as Angels and Demons over our MORTAL Corporeal Lives [even though] from the President to the CEO of any CORPORATION would have nothing:

if we did not Give our MONEY to buy their Bull Shit “of lies” that WAR IS GOOD for the Economy, and yet, my youth of Pak-Toe THE NEW WINE SKINS’ how many of youm have STUDENT LOAN DEBTS of The Racka that you can not pay back, and will not the WORLD POLICE these Peacekeepers, and their U.N. Troops do WAR IS MURDER too say: Too PAY OFF your Student Loan Debts,

You VOLUNTEERED too murder “others” cause THEIR FLAG is not OUR FLAG????

You best know Purgatory can be what ever we want, but by the use of REPETITIVE Disinformation, the many whom are NON-MASON believe the COVID19 landed on the Moon now, and so many others aka these FREE MASON Lodges [have always] been in on it as they are the NEW NORMAL Mud Flood Replacement Populations for Agenda 21 + 30 where these INTERNATIONALIST Global Citizens will have Good Jobs as FREE MASON Lodge Members while you {my nonmason} Tax Paying U.N. Citizens shalt have [nothing] but WAR IS MURDER to pay off your STUDENT LOAN DEBTS till all “nonmason” on this side of FLAT EARTH are dead Dead DEAD!!!!

The Book of EXODICE!!!


Even though (COVID19) is nothing more then {A Lied Agreed Upon} called the New Code Word for JADE HELM 15, we of Pak-Toe know people have been missing, and have been turned into ALT MEAT, and anyone that the {A.I.} Surveillance State knows youm wilt no be missed: if youm are taken by U.N. Troops has used this LIE AGREED UPON called (COVID19) too Murder The Old, The Mentally Challenged, and any one whom would [not be missed] +=+ because their Social Profile said:

this person has NO ONE {too miss them} if we kill them, so you best find ways to meet people, and hang with people, and maybe just maybe you will “live through” The INVITATION too Volunteer for a Potion called a Vaccine by Pharmacology because these CORPORATIONS run the world, not the U.S. FLAG, nor any other U.N. FLAG, and when CORPORATIONS {have more rights} than The PERSON, then Corporate LAWS become the LAWLESS ONES in the New Testament, and WE THE PEOPLE on this side of [Flat Earth] all end up DEAD DEAD DEAD…

The Society of nonmason~

Remember them whom “faked” the MOON LANDINGS got all the good Jobs making ICBM Hydrogen Gas Weapons, and now the {Southern Hemisphere} from the other Side of FLAT EARTH wants to do their: DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME???,

and have We on this Northern Hemisphere side of FLAT EARTH “will do” all out Nuclear Atomic WARFARE till all our Hunger Games lives {are eradicated} just as they did to WE THE PEOPLE in them MUD FLOOD WARS that ended in 1855, and Since Then: we have all been Raised on Lies by these LIARS the FREE MASON Lodge Members where we live….

The Sentinel….

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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