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Parental Advisory: The EXPLICIT Plot to Control Your Kids | Glenn TV | Ep 305

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Published on 21 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

Our basic rights are under attack, and parents face a terrifying question: Who gets to raise children – you or the government? Glenn highlights an alarming new law in California that wants to FORCE parents to affirm children’s gender dysphoria … or ELSE. This overrides decades of Supreme Court precedents for the protection of parental rights. Glenn warns that if this is allowed to stand, it’s a terrifying intrusion of government into the home and a major warning sign of even more tyranny to come. For many of our elected officials, the Constitution only seems to matter depending on the context. This Pandora’s box was cracked open by the worst American leaders during the 2020 pandemic. Now some of them are apparently longing for the good old days when they tried to play God with your unalienable rights. The New Mexico governor’s gun ban is just one of several stunning recent assaults on the First and Second Amendments. What are law-abiding Americans supposed to do when elected left-wing officials act as if the Constitution is optional at best and irrelevant at worst? These attacks from the Left are relentless. Resistance must be just as relentless.

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