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Paranormal & Chat with used frequencies that connect you with the spirit world more,

Black Wing Paranormal
Published on 29 Apr 2021 / In Spiritual

Have been listening to a particular frequency that helps open my 3rd eye and communicate with spirits even better, Lets see how this goes.... I will be testing many different ways as time goes on. Great Locations coming very soon, The grey lady is our first case so stay tuned.

Live paranormal contact, Psb7/ Roberts Spirits boxes, Necrophonic & other Apps
As much as I would like to help spirits more by giving them their voice, unfortunately all I can do is help them at the end of every stream, My guides come down now without me asking them too, which is new in the past week or so, My guides help the good spirits who are ready to move on to what ever their next realm is,maybe one day I will speak with them but what happens during my streams is different to most, Demons have taken the way of communicating over, they speak, they swear they are evil and nasty but this is my " life" and I am documenting by streaming a small percentage of what I live with, I have my knowledge of why all this is happening to me, I also know that I have a purpose in Satan's eyes.
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Please try and follow me on other platforms, If Youtube were to idk remove my channel for some crazy reason then I wouldn't be able to have contact with a lot of you, I would be so upset if that happened and I lost % of My Beautiful Tribe, So please follow me on other platforms I DONT want to loose any of you. Much Love, Blessed Be xX xX

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** Tribe Members **
Thank you ALL so so much, You are all awesome, ;o)
Much Love, Light & Blessings xx I Love each of you Xx XX

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