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PA Gov. lists 7,403 people returned ballots before they were sent

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Published on 21 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

This is from the PA.gov website, using 1/3 of the 3.1 million entries (that’s all he was able to download to his file) - so this info is not complete for PA.The fraud is probably multiplied by 3. In this data set he found:
*Mail-in ballots sent and received the same day - about 11,000 people. How is it possible to get marked for mail, delivered to the post office, sorted, sent out that very morning to the people, filled in immediately, driven to the mail box, mail box emptied by postal workers, sorted and re-delivered the same day back to the ballots office – and opened and counted so it could be noted on their chart. For 11,000 people? More...
*Applications approved, ballot mail date and ballot receive date – all the exact same day – about 8,000 people. Even more work on the same day.
*7,403 – the number of ballots that were filled out and returned to the government BEFORE THEY WERE EVEN MAILED OUT! Absolutely impossible.

Either the whole database is a complete and utter mess and you can’t trust anything in the voter database or they just made all the numbers up or at least gave random numbers to all the fake Biden ballots (remember those vans in the middle of the nights delivering boxes of ballots?) and this is just some of them we are noticing because they have impossible data entries.

I think this info is correct. I downloaded the data set too before it was removed. I didn't sort it like this guy did but I know the data he is talking about. It existed and it was there a month or so ago.

The link no longer works, "As counties finish counting ballots and move toward certification of election results, they are no longer regularly updating the unofficial informational dashboard. Therefore, we are removing the election data assets from the Open Data Catalog"
How convenient. But I did save some of the data.

Actually, I'm still finding data here: https://data.pa.gov/Government....-Efficiency-Citizen-
Check it out. You can download it/export it and analyze it yourself, and let me know in the comments what you find.

See also this video on the dead people that voted in PA:

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