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Over One Hundred Thousand Russian Soldiers Face Siege! The Russian Army Can't Save Them!

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 29 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

The war intensified in late 2022 and it was predicted that it would intensify even more in early 2023. And so it did. Serious clashes are taking place every day in the east and south of Ukraine. A new development that has not gone unnoticed is the activity on the Crimean peninsula. We will analyze what is happening there in detail together. But first, it would be better to talk about the latest developments in the eastern and southern regions where the war is raging. Let's take a look at these developments together.
The Russian occupiers are trying very hard not to withdraw from the occupied territories in the face of serious operations by the Ukrainian army. But the Russian army is not succeeding. Ukrainian air defense systems repel almost all attacks of the Russian troops and respond to the attacks in kind. For this reason, every day hundreds of Russian soldiers withdraw from the occupied territories or surrender to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
The Ukrainian Air Force recently carried out a major operation against the Russian invaders. This operation targeted the town of Makiivka in Donetsk Oblast, where the war is raging. In Makiivka, Russian troops were using a school as a temporary base. Hundreds of Russian soldiers were staying at this base. The Ukrainian army located the base and started the operation. The school used as a temporary base was targeted with missiles and artillery systems. With the successful operation of the Ukrainian Air Force, the Russian base was destroyed. The school used as a base was completely destroyed!
The basement of the base was used as an ammunition depot. This increased the intensity of the explosions and the area where the school was located turned into a fireball. According to the statement made by Ukraine, as a result of this operation, about 600 Russian soldiers were killed and tons of ammunition were destroyed. But Russia said it lost very few soldiers in this attack. Russia first said it lost 63 soldiers. Later it announced that this number had risen to 89.
An important claim was made in this development in Makiivka. According to Russia's statement, the soldiers staying at the school, which was used as a temporary base, had turned on their cell phones despite the ban. The Russian wing claimed that Ukraine had located the Russian soldiers for this reason. No statement was made by Ukraine about this allegation. Russia's statement is an admission that Russian soldiers are very inexperienced.
Bakhmut is another area where fighting has been intensifying for a long time in the Russian-Ukrainian war. A few days ago, a total of 43 clashes were fought in Bakhmut in 24 hours. Serhiy Cherevaty, the spokesman for the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, made a statement about what happened in Bakhmut. Cherevaty said in his statement: "A total of 281 shelling of positions and infrastructure and 43 clashes took place in one day on the Bakhmut direction of the front. The occupiers lost 107 soldiers and 123 Russian soldiers were wounded."

Turan Yaşar: Associate Professor of Political Science / University of Pittsburgh

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Steven Fairless
Steven Fairless 2 months ago

Lets say China is spending billions in Mexico who is shelling English speaking Texas for ten years ... how many Chinese tanks would it take to make the United Stated pull out of Texas and not cleans Mexico of Communist

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goosegatherer 2 months ago

Not another fake story from the Ukraine, is there no one with more than shit for brains who can tell the truth about this American created hoax war . Russia are the best thing to happen to the Ukraine....The British toy solder presenting this joke video is only another fool who would rather play toy solders whilst the british government are busy trying to kill its people with these untested experimental very toxic death shot injections . Mr Putin is an outstanding individual who does what is necessary to rid the Ukraine of the old Nazi regime that should have been shot for the traitors they still are today. Mr Putin will keep up his efforts to free the Ukraine and that time is now very near.

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