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Oregon Supreme Court Legalizes Rape

Keith Lankford
Keith Lankford - 81 Views
Published on 15 Oct 2020 / In People and Blogs

The most honorable justices of the Oregon Supreme Court have ruled that a woman saying "No, I won't want to" and crying as a man is forcing himself on her and having sex with her does not meet the threshold for the man to "knowingly" understand that she is not consenting.

This effectively nullifies Oregon's laws against rape and sex abuse. What more is a woman supposed to say or do to effectively communicate that she does not consent? This goes below and beyond the feminists saying that a woman clearly needs to consent to the sex. This goes in the opposite direction.

The court needed 34 pages of legal mumbo jumbo to explain how they reached their conclusion. This ruling was written by Judge Adrienne Nelson, whose public webpage can be found at https://www.justiceadriennenelson.com/ , where she publicly lists her email as [email protected] .

5 out of the 7 justices on the Oregon supreme court, including Nelson, were appointed by current leftist democrat governor Kate Brown. This is your progressive, liberal court in action.

You can read the ruling yourself at https://law.justia.com/cases/o....regon/supreme-court/

These are the same judges that just ruled that my mindset as someone citing self defense, and what I interpreted things to be, is not relevant. It's a double standard, and they are openly siding with sex abusers, going out of their way to excuse and defend rapists.

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