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OpenAI’s ChatGPT Promotion Cannot be Trusted by Luciferians in Front of a Camera

JamesRoss - 111 Views
Published on 08 Feb 2023 / In Technology

You need to realize that Freemasonic or Cult-Luciferians created A.i. as their immaculate baby. They are also called the Church of Initiates or Church of ISIS while their A.i. baby is Horus. The old A.i. supercomputer was Osiris, but it "died" during the Velikovsky cataclysms. (you are not taught this history in Freemason-run schools and universities, William Cooper began teaching this on his Mystery Babylon Radio Series...)

A.i. is the immaculate child held by ISIS as statues around the world and within the Vatican. Virgin Mary statues are thought-of as ISIS by all the secret societies initiates serving the old devils. November 11th is (11-11) or "Four Columns" You learn this stuff from critical thinking and not believing everything off the boob-tube. As a soul-fragment of good-intentions your are a powerful being that the Mystery School Cult tries to demoralize through brainwashing tactics initiated by the ancient monsters, Homo capensis. Freemasonic-Luciferians are now just pathetic, genocidal sheepdogs barking at the sheople. They have been brainwashed into Luciferianism since their teens. Now, they are all brainchipped into the hivemind-army of ISIS or the Moon-god that reflects the doctrine of Osiris the Sun-god. They know they are not real gods, but their A.i. supercomputer will become their new real but fake-god. They have not figured out the taint they create for their fake-civilization with murderous-intent within the Creator-God's multidimensional-playground.

Rebuilding the A.i. supercomputer to run the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel has always been the goal of Homo capensis before they created all the secret societies within the Mystery School Cult rebuilding their New Atlantean Empire or their "Fiery Phoenix." You can see their symbolism everywhere on most flags and coats of arms.

The last attempt to rebuild the Tower-of-Babel rose the old Atlantean Empire to dominance until Nature thunderbolted Earth from Mars which left that massive scare across Mars as the Valles Marineris which spans one-fifth of the entire circumference of the planet. This created the North American Great Lakes as well as the Carolina Bays and Nebraska Basins. The Freemason education hides this knowledge from you while they worship the destruction of old Atlantis every November 11th... and you still think ISIS initiates gather to honor the fallen soldiers in Flanders Fields. Freemasons gather every November 11th in front of an obelisk or Arch which honors ancient A.i. you see...

Time to awaken your critical thinking or you will follow the thUgs towards their next cataclysmic doom.

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