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Ontario Police defying D. Ford’s orders, Nurses file class action lawsuit, James O’Keefe fight MSM and more!

3D to 5D Consciousness
3D to 5D Consciousness - 37,456 Views
Published on 19 Apr 2021 / In Spiritual

Doug Ford’s plan of using Ontario police to do illegal stops is backfiring as many police headquarters are openly saying they will not enforce these illegal measures. Nurses of Ontario have united to file class action lawsuit against The Colleges of Nurses of Ontario. Chris Skye is inspiring many people to unite and implement united non-compliance and it is having great success. James O’Keefe is suing CNN and Twitter with two massive lawsuits. And more info on my commentary regarding Jordan Sather’s comments on NESARA/GESARA and Ivanka taking the vaccines.

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Mr. Merlyn
Mr. Merlyn 2 years ago

Another volcano erupted today

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Mr. Merlyn
Mr. Merlyn 2 years ago

P.s. I LOVE that you addressed Sathers ideas of Gesara and QFS. Most people who claim to be spiritual will not even address these things and claim the spiritual high-ground and say "I don't associate with negative people". You address it head-on. Love it. You are my favorite person to get information from now. Me and my mother felt compelled to move 2 hours north of Toronto and we are in it all the way. Financially things are tight but we have made leaps and bounds from our former selves and feel protected. Keep the videos coming! And we're doing the same thing, going out only for groceries and fighting against the masks when we do leave the house (I'm 37 and I body guard my 67 year old mother). These people are crazy.

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Mr. Merlyn
Mr. Merlyn 2 years ago

Hello. I live in Ontario. This is the lawyer suing the government over all this.

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Tony South Dakotah
Tony South Dakotah 2 years ago

I do t recommend the use of lethal force against law enforcement personnel, but I DO strongly recommend the use of lethal force against agents of globalism and enforcers of medical tyranny. And that would include military personnel as well.

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Oshune47 2 years ago

Now we need the pharmaceutical companies to be held accountable for these vaccines that are getting people sick or dying. When they aren't accountable it isn't any incentive to make them safe.

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