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Once Saved Always Saved (2020)

saltandcharity - 56 Views
Published on 12 Jan 2023 / In Spiritual

More preaching:
Now in first John 5 the part that i want

to focus on
is beginning there in verse 10 where the
bible reads he that believeth on the Son
of God have to Witness in himself
he that believeth not god hath made him
a liar because he believeth not the
record that God gave of his Son
and this is the record that god has
given to us eternal life and this life
is in his Son
he that hath the son hath life and he
that hath not the Son of God hath not
these things have i written unto you
that believe on the name of the Son of
that you may know that you have eternal
life and that you may believe on the
name of the Son of God
title my sermon this morning is once
saved always saved
it's about the eternal security of the
believer the fact that once we get saved
there's nothing that we could ever do to
lose our salvation
now usually when you hear the term once
saved always saved
it's out of the mouth of people who are
criticizing that doctrine or oh you're
one of those
one saved always but you know what i'll
just embrace it
that i think it's a great way to explain
what we believe it's a great term to
and all throughout the bible and all
throughout history derogatory terms that
have been used against God's people
have been embraced by God's people for
example they were called Christians by
you know they were called Baptists in
the middle ages many times for
re-baptizing people
after they'd just been sprinkled as
babies you know people will attack us
and use terms like easy believism once
saved always say
i say to all of it amen i'm a Baptist
Christian once saved always saved easy
it's easy to be saved you believe on the
Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved
and you know what it's the hard part
that was done by Jesus
on the cross i mean what how hard is it
to get saved well it's as hard as taking
a drink of water
it's as hard as eating a piece of bread
it's as hard as opening a door and
walking through it
it's as hard as calling upon the name of
the lord that's what the bible teaches
now i want to prove this to you from the
bible in many different scriptures
that we could never lose our salvation
and not only that
i'm going to turn to some of the
scriptures that people will try to use
to say that you can lose it and show why
that just doesn't hold water

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