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🥬 On Vegans, Grain Farts & Salad Anxiety (from MUSINGS FROM A SMALL ISLAND) #Shorts

Sol Luckman
Sol Luckman - 186 Views
Published on 15 Sep 2023 / In Health

⏳ LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Laugh along w/ the Complete Text of MUSINGS FROM A SMALL ISLAND w/ a Free 7-Day Trial of SLUUU While You’re at It, Sample a Wealth of Additional Premium Content!

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🎨 From professional artist and 📚 multi-award-winning and international bestselling author Sol Luckman comes this dazzlingly self-illustrated memoir (packed with over 150 extraordinary images over 238 pages) that will have you alternately bursting with laughter and bursting at the seams with new perspectives on life, death and the curiouser and curiouser cosmos we call home.

🥇 Luckman—whose latest novel, CALI THE DESTROYER (, won a whopping eight book awards—showcases his literary and painterly talents in this one-of-a-kind story of an uncommon life on the fair shores of Hilton Head Island, a world-famous vacation destination nestled in the Deep South.

📖 Think Peter Mayle mixed with Anthony Bourdain combined with John Berendt with a little Henry Miller thrown in for good measure … and at least you’ll have a vague notion of what’s in store for you in these unprecedented pages.

☕️ Combining fascinating autobiography, hilarious comedy and inspirational philosophy (to say nothing of a handful of excellent craft cocktail recipes 🍹), MUSINGS FROM A SMALL ISLAND is also a stunningly visual coffee table book any Lowcountry lover or contemporary art aficionado would be proud to display.

🌅 You’ve never read a book like this because, until now, there hasn’t been one.

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