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Oil change scams Hidden camera investigation on what really happens to your car

JamesRoss - 389 Views
Published on 07 Dec 2023 / In Cars and Vehicles

The type of people who scam others are cUlt minions because they are taught to parasite off of the non-cUlt-sworn people. In the old days, 60+ years ago, Freemasons would shake your hand with a special shake and if you did not respond with a proper reply then the Freemason would know that you are not part of the hoodwinker's cUlt. They also did it with Logos and by talking certain set phrases. But today it is all different.

Today, all the servants to the NWO are brainchipped with A.i. constantly talking in their heads as their new fake-god.
The A.i. knows who, when and where a minion is every second of the day... their brainchip monitor every minute thought that goes through their heads and every word that they read. When two minions meet each other their A.i. will let them talk through the thoughts and not their mouth. A non-cUlt person can be hoodwinked by a thUg so easily today it is rediculous.
This was needed if the cUlt of minions were to successfully genocide all the non-Cult people.

The reason why The Freemason-run CBC -Marketplace would expose Economy Oil Changes is because it is not serving the NWO-takeover. The owner is just a sheeple idiot who thought the Freemasons would leave him alone doing his crimes because all of society is run by Freemason criminal-minded murderous-thUgs.
So while the Mystery School cUlt minions are genociding the sheeple, they are pointing their fingers at a non-Cult-sworn shady business full of deception in a designed "dog-eat-dog" world which Freemasonry promotes in secret.

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

When I was in Guelph 30 years ago a different shady garage owner tried to charge me 20 dollars for a old '68 bug oil-strainer which does not get replaced, just washed... they figured I didn't know because I took it to a garage rather than doing the oil-change myself.
Mr Shady took the cost of the oil-filter off the bill and told me to never come back to his garage again... haaa! It was using a coupon that I purchased from a door to door salesman... don't buy coupons... and the oil-change they did was leaking after they were done... what a joke town for oil-changes. Learn to do your own oil changes. My brother destroyed his engine because the quicky lube shop did not notice that his transfer-case was dry... never trust a quicky shop operated by kids who don't care.
If you are targeted by the Mystery School cUlt, they can mess-up your vehicle anytime... always suspect new sounds or leaks or they may cost you dearly in this NWO-takeover society.

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