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Obamas Transformers by Bitter MAG

JamesRoss - 396 Views
Published on 05 Feb 2023 / In People and Blogs

The Freemasonic-Luciferians pretend that the illusion is caused by fake magick rather than just gullible people and medical mafia trickery.

Baphomet is the Luciferians' androgynous fake-god.
They believe they will be mind-transfered into an A.i. fake-singularity where sex is irrelevant. The sex change community is Luciferians preparing for their fake mind-uploads... you see? It is their form of commitment to Homo capensis and a type of physical worship of their beliefs.

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TwoFeather 8 months ago

the Man Knees is a sure give away
women naturally have thicker thighs that extend down to the knee caps
given to them by nature to help in child bearing
men do not have that trait, so they have the Knotted Knee look
you can see the difference in the two children standing side by side
the youngest one has thicker thighs down to the knees
the older one does not

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