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NYC Health Officials Assess Impact; Counterterrorism Officer: A Lot of “Misinformation” About Virus

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 03 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 10 months ago

The SINGULARITY will be Eugenics…

I have wondered why my body stays in a sicken state, and it is not COVID 19, or in a way it is cause Whoo Han Solo the Bat Snake Corona Beer Kobe Burger Bar B Q is to be YOUR FATE!!! What is the Corpora of all these WORLD LEADERS and their NEW WORLD ORDER this United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of Free Mason Lodges and Members really all about??? They want to make Super Humans and Super Races for their LUNATIC Evil Spirits that have filled their minds and thoughts for so long, they can no longer THINK for themselves, and even when 5G is put to FULL POWER all things will die that can not Adapt and Adjust to these INTRUSIVE Microwave Radioactive Machines of The EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA that thing of Forced Technology that does Manipulation to our Father Earth and our Mother Heaven…

Even Barabbas would call POTUS a fool for allowing all these 5G Towers to be built and soon to be put on MAXIMUM EFFECT in this Life we all live, and where was the First Place 5G Was put to the TEST of FULL POWER just as in Forbidden Planet that Space Odyssey of 2001??? Who Han China where many got sick and died cause their Genetics could NOT handle the Vibration and Frequency changes to their bodies, and not only did they have Mass Death and INCINERATORS going day after day as NO BODIES were ever taken to these EMPTY HOSPITALS in New York, London, Italy to go Look at your Local and Mega City Hospitals for they are all Waiting for THE GREAT DAY from the the COLONY Season One on Netflix!!!

This does not have too be a long written work cause you know them Insect Suits the Medical and Military and Police have put on will do nothing to prevent SOUND WAVES from entering the body through plastic, metals, and quite possible even Lead Paint??? Look back to the JON LEVI Mud Flood Blips on your YouTube Channels and know not only did all the people die the last time we did this 5G Great Experiment for EUGENICS and Futurist and Mad Men and “Incessant” Wombmen filled with PizzaGATE Satanist wicked Deplorable Enmities, but all the plants died, all the bugs and the butterflies died, all the sea life died, all the fowl and “feathered bird” came to extinction, and so will your puppies and kittens AND ALL the “Other Animals” from the Wasp to The “Yellow” Jackets…..., but during the TRANSITION from Homographs to Homo-superior them Insects will sting the shit out of your ass as “they go crazy” with the effects of all these Waves and Waves and Waves of 5 G Genetics Manipulation….

The Bible as all other Biblical Material are just WHAT HAPPENED last time the 5G EUGENICS SYSTEM was turned on, and is it any wonder The ROMANS did not care for Technology any more then The Greeks or Egyptians after The Angels Fell from HEAVEN cause chainsawing the Magnetosphere of our CELESTIAL SPHERE will cause THE SKY TOO FALL and just as the Book of Revelation is just A REFLECTION as is the DAYS OF NOAH what we are all doing “once again” as we SELF ISOLATE for there is no Shelter from Demonic Entities in the theater of this ETERNAL DAMNATION!!! I told you that Purgatory can be anything we want, but you must use USE OF FORCE and tear down all these 5G Towers with your .22 Bullets…. The Oracle for the end of an Age and this TIME LINE connected to The Source of All Creation, and All Destruction has spoken… Enjoy your fucking DE JA VU forever and evermore you fucking fools….., and Enjoy your ROLL OF THE Dice thinking you will live though it!!!!

Johnny Exodice

THEY LIVE want to be “Super Humans” and they say: If you can not Survive the NEW WORLD ORDER, then Albert Pikes WORLD WAR THREE throw-down happens anyway…




We Are Pak-Toe… We don’t do Racka… WE TAKE THEM OUT!!!


The Commander~


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