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Institutional Racism: Another Sorry Excuse

AmericanRenaissance - 3,251 Views
Published on 29 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance tries to understand the concept of "institutional racism." Racism is said to be what holds back blacks and whites in American society, but there just don't seem to be enough racist people or deliberately racist practices to explain large gaps in achievement. The culprit must therefore be institutions, or the structure of society. Jared Taylor shows why this explanation makes no sense, and explains what the real problem is.

First posted to YouTube on June 13, 2017. American Renaissance was banned from YouTube on June 29, 2020.

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Larry Thorne
Larry Thorne 2 years ago

What is currently “institutionalized” is Europhobic anti-White racism.

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Bear Cub
Bear Cub 2 years ago

Who is controlling the "institutions" that are establishing this racism? Who is over-represented in politics, media, Hollywood, finance and banking? It may be the same people that are committing Eurocide and filling our nation with low-IQ third world replacements.

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