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Nutnfancy: AeroPrecision Builder Kits, M4E1 Review

Nutnfancy - 20,514 Views
Published on 12 May 2020 / In Firearms

TacticalDoodle and I focus on the amazing 2nd Cool of these AeroPrecision AR builder kits. This is the "ammo can" version. This was filmed before the the so called Covid 19 pandemic so availability on these will be scarce. But if you can find these at Gunnies, it's a wicked cool foundation for an AR build. The DuraCoating on these is xlnt and each features a superb, high quality theme. Several shown. Highly recommended.

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Gunnies provided the loaner for this review. Gunnies Sporting Goods Store, Address: 396 State St, Orem, UT 84058 Hours: 10AM–8PM, Ph 801-226-7080

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Nutnfancy 2 years ago  

TNP Patreon is where the action is! Lots more videos and action over there...never too late to join and support the workload: Also monthly LIVE STREAMS to hang out together. Here's just some of the comments from TNP Patrons on this video that was posted over there earlier: "Thomas Cornell That's crazy just bought a kit with vietnam tiger stripes on it yesterday!! Love the videos Nutn n TD 2 2mo Shadeslinger Aerosol Duracoat FTW. Apply like a rattle can and get a solid finish with minimal prep with no baking required. They have tons of colors in their aerosol line now too. I have always thought the Aero kits were nice for pattern paint jobs though. 1 2mo Lee Harrell Hi, my name is Lee, and I'm an Aero Precision flavor of the month addict. 3 2mo Ricky Kurtz Hey LTC, great presentation !!!!! FYI - I left Los Angeles a while ago because Califorina made us register most of our guns. If you owned them but they were not in the state they wanted to know what state they were in and the address, when they were purchased, and where they were purchased. Boy I’m glad I now live in one of the free states. Ricky from IBM 4 2mo Phake A'Count I just replace parts with non-black parts. My M&P-15 came with a Troy quad rail. I put a tan lightweight fore-end on it and a fde pistol grip. Sprayed the scope rings tan and wrapped the scope in camo tape. It breaks up the black blob. 1 2mo Greg Mason I love Aero parts for builds 1 2mo Matt Love my AP build! 1 2mo Joe Finken Nutn, make sure you save a clip by itself of around the 13 minute mark so (just like DI ARs phasing back into popularity) you can say "see I told you so," if 5 years. 1 1mo Ken Martins I loved that Ammo Can finished. Wish I could get one...... 1 1mo RY thanks for the rec on the pws cqb. i just bought 2 1 1mo The Nutnfancy Project You bet, xlnt choice 36min HappyFrancisMacomber Been itching for an AP build...after this economy gets rolling again. 1 1mo Michael Rodman Aero makes good stuff, I have their upper but I wanted the BCM light handguard on my build or I would have went with one of their kits. I ended up Cerakoting it myself it is a lot of work and if you want to do several guns which I did it's worth it if you like projects. As someone said earlier above get yourself a electric smoker for $100 so you don't have to use your oven. Though if you just want one coated AR just buy one of the Aero kits. 1 1mo Randall The m4e1 sets ARE forged. They designed new forgings to give you billet like styling. 4 1mo JoQuin Love my Aero build!! It’s a mock 12 (mk12) SAPR 18” with a slick non forward assist upper and a criterion hybrid lightweight barrel! Topped off with a scope from primary Arms 2.5-10x ACSS... this thing weighs in less than 8 lbs!!! Put a flat larue 2stage trigger and it’s Moa with 77gr HPBT match anmo rings steel out to 700 yards!! Love the reviews guys! 1 1mo dannyo66 I agree about the flat blade triggers. I thought they were hoaky from the first time I saw them. I never saw the attraction for them. I wouldn't ever own one. Incidentally, my current 308 build is with an Aero Precision upper and lower. I've got to do a different free float handguard on it though. The one I have on it is too heavy. I need to lighten it up a bit. By the way, it has a curved trigger. 1mo John D. I’ve had nothing but success with mine. Go-to rifle for sure. 1 1mo Nathan P Hubsch I went shooting with my buddy yesterday, testing out the POF 7.62x39 Upper on his AR. It shot great, same scope I have on my AK. It was funny because I don't own an AR and I was struggling with operating it. Even with that Upper, I still prefer the AK platform for how it operates and handles. 1 1mo Dylan Langel Would love to see you review a complete M4E1 Rifle as it comes from Aero. I have been debating whether to build or buy the M4E1. 1mo Ricky Kurtz Hey LTC, I wish you not think that are ARs in what ever calibers we have never see the light of day. Mine have many thousands of rounds through them after decades of law enforcement training even thought I am not law enforcement. My 1911s, M17s, Glock 212, 30s,, etc, as well as my Mossberg 500A1, Benellis,, etc. many of us are not couch potato. Even those of us that are partially disable and have a Service K9 to assist us when needed. If you are ever on the Gulf coast of Florida I guarantee I will more than exceed your equipment check. My 2 Remington 500s PSS that have been reworked by a gunsmith/metallurgist has hundreds of hours with custom hand loads again professionally trained by law enforcement and marines. Again many of us are not couch potato Ricky from. IBM"

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Reprisal_Within 2 years ago

Hey Nutn, got your message. I'm diversifying my social media habits now. Cheers from Canada.

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Going rogue
Going rogue 2 years ago


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Ezed 1 year ago


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MostlyAverage 1 year ago

Finally migrated over, thanks for always putting out excellent content. Minor correction, the M4E1 is actually forged, they do some finish machining and it’s supposed to look billet without actually being billet. Keep up the awesome work sir!

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lowjax 1 year ago

I actually started building my own about 5 years ago, after being motivated by Nutnfancy; fillling myvery own personal POU. I have to admit, all my builds are actually sub moa and some are same hole at 100yrds. At the same time I started reloading. Some trial and error's but nothing that was dangerous. Thank you.

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Wilderness Valley Vision

Nice weapons. Thanks for sharing.

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Defensive Driver
Defensive Driver 1 year ago

Dude, Defensive Driver here, rollin in hot from 15 years at DoucheTube. Thanks for the heads up!
BTW, love the AP builders kits, and I am surprised that others are not doing this.

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