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No More Defunding the Police: NY Governor; Illegal Immigrants With Criminal Records Freed: Report

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 26 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

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NTD News Today—1/26/2023
1. Illegal Immigrants w/ Criminal Records Freed
2. 46 Men Arrested in Multi-Agency Operation
3. No More Defunding the Police: NY Governor
4. FBI Seizes Notorious Ransomware Gang’s Site
5. Undercover Video Says Pfizer Mutating COVID
6. Judge Blocks Calif. COVID Misinformation Law
7. FDA Official Resigns, Citing Agency Issues
8. What to Do and Not Do When Filing 2022 Taxes
9. Rep. Jason Smith Announces New IRS Oversight
10. Judge Orders Release of Pelosi Attack Videos
11. Arkansas Senate on Drag Performances
12. University of Florida Warns Against TikTok
13. Dot Investigates Southwest Meltdown
14. CO: Man Accused of Driving into Police HQ
15. Soaring Egg Prices Draw Scrutiny
16. More Severe COVID Wave to Hit China: Study
17. 3000 Year Old Artifact Knocked Over
18. Daredevils at India’s Republic Day Parade
19. Japan: Whale Meat Vending Machines Launched
20. Ret. Col: M1 Tanks Not Offensive Threat Yet
21. Russian TV Mocks NATO Tanks for Ukraine
22. Russia’s Oldest Human Rights Group Shut Down
23. News Site Declared ‘Undesirable Organization’
24. EU Top Human Rights Court to Take MH17 Case
25. Rooting Out Corruption in London’s Met Police
26. Amazon Workers Walk Out over Pay in the UK
27. US-Israel ‘Juniper Oak’ Exercise Begins
28. Video: Bus in Turkey Falls into Lake
29. Grand Central Madison Opens in New York City
30 Students Build Auto Rover for Antarctica
31. NASA to Launch Manned Crew-6 Mission to ISS’
32. NASA to Test Nuclear Rocket for Mars Missions
33. NASA: ‘Small’ Asteroid to Pass Close to Earth
34. Telescope Captures Mysterious Blue Spiral
35. How Stress Affects Blood Pressure
36. Study Pays $1K for You to Eat Cheese, Dream

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