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NLR Constitution Series Part 1: The CONstitution Confidence Game Revealed

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Published on 27 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

This “Creating a Natural Law Republic: The Constitution Series” is an addendum to “The Path to Freedom” video series. I had intended on making Part 7 of the series a brief summation of the proposed Constitution I have written for the Natural Law Republic, but couldn’t do it justice in just one video. So, like Part 6 where I read the entire “Declaration of Independence” in it’s entirety, I will be doing the same for the entire Constitution because there is a large percentage of the population who are sadly, too lazy to read 20 pages. But, it will take a series of 6 videos to do so. This first introduction video is perhaps the most important of the series, however, because it illustrates precisely why we not only need a new system of societal management and structure to create it, but that the original Constitution was never intended to last for more than one generation when it was ratified.

If we ever hope to truly be free in this world and within our lifetimes, we MUST take this sort of action and begin to build an alternative to the system in which we are all now currently enslaved by perpetual debt and illegitimate authority. The 3 video series I have created is a virtual roadmap to how we can accomplish that goal.

Full documentation, video transcript and original writings are available for reading and download on the blog at The Freedom Project 2020 website here:

Music credits courtesy of Karl Casey at White Bat Audio on YouTube!

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