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Ninja Kids Dojo ✝️
Published on 30 Jun 2024 / In Kids

& Evading an Attack.

CLEAN, SWEEP and patrol training area.

[PART 1]

OPEN THE LESSON with prayer and mutual greetings (bow).
NINJA NO JUNNAN TAISO (Yoga-type exercises)

GSG Video

REST, students sit down - INSTRUCTOR SHARES A FEW WORDS AND Thoughts with students.

[PART 2]

A small workout session.

STUDY THEME 1: Reflexology (what is it)

[PART 3]

Mutoudori basics - 1st step to evading and responding to an armed aggression (sticks & blade weapons)

STUDY THEME 2: Reflexology to lower High Blood Pressure

[PART 5]

Q & A: Ask teacher questions.

SHOW US ALL HOW WELL YOU CAN DO IT! [What We've Done Today!]
One by one, the students demonstrate today's techniques and movements - a good time to correct and clarify. You'll have material and videos (starting with my book on Ninpo Kobujutsu) where techniques and concepts are clearly and in detail explained. In the curricula I will also structure lessons, which in time you can adapt to number of students, progress, ages, etc.

CLOSE THE LESSON - We all thank God, Grand-masters of the ryuu-ha (samurai and ninja a schools) and the instructor for the lesson, knowledge and experience.

Logos by @Lainey4Freedom

We trust and recommend GIVE SEND GO!
Lase contribute to Ninja Kids Dojo fundraising campaign:

Intro music ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac.

Music from Kitaro – Kitaro’s YT channel:

IMPORTANT: I thought CCP Virus aka COVID 19 'vaccines' were a thing of the past. If you love your children enough and value your own life / health, please look at recent studies. COVID death jabs have torn many people's lives, don't be fooled!! Do you own research in all types of media!

See Y'all next week!!

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Vote For Anthony G Kids Version
Anthony Giarrusso