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NINJA KIDS DOJO HOMESCHOOL 2022 - The 18 Areas of Training of Ninjutsu (Study Guide)

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Published on 07 Aug 2022 / In Kids

This video is the first of the FREE basic training material for Ninja Kids Dojo Homeschool 2022. It's a resumed bird's eye view of Ninjutsu and Ninpo.

Soon a FREE video and a PDF of the 3 main areas: Taijutsu (unarmed combat), Ninja Ken (swordsmanship) and Bojutsu will come out. It will be also resumed so as to a study guide for Sunday lessons.

A full detailed book and video will be also ready ASAP, this will be the instructor's guide for those that take the lessons to a different level and/or want to dig in deeper. In software developing we usually put out a free version of an application for individuals, micro companies and later on produce a PRO version for people who use it in a more extensive way and/or want service. Ninja Kids Dojo Homeschool is in development and soon will seek out for sponsors in order to make the lessons more professional and a better quality in general - Sunday's lessons will remain free; we believe that it is at this exact time that humanity needs Ninjutsu and Ninpo once again and we are happy to share it with you all hoping it will be used in good faith.

Ninja Kids Dojo logo by @ Lainey4freedom

I use several videos and songs for this video, I am unable to contact all to ask for permission but since it is a free video and for educational purposes I beg of the copyright holders to let me use their material.

Music I use for this video: Jimmy Page "Liquid Mercury", Kitaro 2 songs" and " 2 songs by Benjamin Tissot" We respect Copyrights that protect the hard work and talent of other creators.

You are free to download this video (for your personal use as a study guide at: )

Snow Leopard Ninja Kids Dojo Also @:

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