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BCP: Fiducia Supplicans abrogates the Decalogue and the Creed. Transformation into an anti-church is complete.

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Published on 21 Jan 2024 / In News and Politics

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The transformation of the Catholic Church into a New Age anti-church – a synagogue of Satan – was preceded by a decade of preparation under the guise of positive concepts. It culminated in a two-and-a-half-year LGBTQ synodal journey with its October Vatican assembly and the subsequent release of the motu proprio of 1 November 2023, which already establishes the principle of a change in Christian paradigms.
On 18 December 2023, Bergoglio and his accomplice Fernández issued the Magna Charter of the Bergoglian anti-church under the title of Fiducia Supplicans, which has already abolished God’s commandments and replaced them with the blasphemous blessing of an outrageous sin. It is public apostasy and rebellion against God and His commandments.
Bergoglio’s sect is running under the banner of the Catholic Church, which it occupies. Bishops, priests and believers are purposefully deceived by positive phrases. They are therefore oblivious to the tragic reality that the abused papal authority and the Fiducia Supplicans declaration have already transformed the Catholic Church into a New Age anti-church, that is, a synagogue of Satan. This anti-church has its own anti-creed and its own anti-decalogue inspired by the spirit of lies, the spirit of the devil. While it is tolerated that the Creed is recited at Mass, it is no longer respected in reality, nor is it allowed to defend the truths of the faith it contains.
As far as the Decalogue is concerned, the First Commandment says: “I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God. You shall have no other gods. You shall not bow down to them…” Nevertheless, Bergoglio enthroned the pagan Pachamama demon in St Peter’s Basilica (2019) and publicly dedicated himself to Satan under the guidance of a sorcerer in Canada (2022). He made both of these gestures publicly in order to change Catholic thought. He made it clear to Catholics that there was no more sin of idolatry. At the same time, he set the precedent that any Catholic can freely worship demons, dedicate himself to Satan, and then worship him with immoral perversions or other sins. Anyone who, in this atmosphere, openly says that the gesture Bergoglio made in response to the sorcerer’s challenge is an act of dedication to Satan is branded as a fanatic, schismatic or sectarian who has no respect for the Holy Father. That is how strongly the spirit of deception and lies works through Bergoglio and his abuse of authority.
The Decalogue has two basic parts. The first three commandments express the relationship to God, and the remaining commandments express the relationship to the neighbour. Bergoglio has abolished the relationship to God through public idolatry and a pagan initiation ritual. By the ecclesiastical legalization of sodomy, coupled with the blessing of this outrageous sin, he has abrogated not only the Sixth and Ninth Commandments, but all the remaining ones. Immorality is intrinsically linked to the loss of conscience. The soul falls into spiritual darkness and no longer respects basic moral principles or God’s commandments. Such a person automatically submits to his egoism and self-deception.
The First Commandment not only defines the relationship to God, but also motivates a person to fight against sin in himself and around him. He who is conscious of the vertical, that is, of God’s authority over him, to whom he is accountable according to his conscience, strives for righteousness and is capable of self-sacrifice for another. The First Commandment provides the true motivation to keep all the other commandments. Conversely, the abrogation of the First Commandment and the legalization of the sin of Sodom lead to the abrogation of the other commandments.
Bergoglio practically cancels even the Fourth Commandment. He promotes sexual education, which is the opposite of proper parenting. In the juvenile system, children are induced to report their parents for so-called violence. This is what Christian upbringing is called today. Bergoglio has never opposed the juvenile system. On the contrary, by promoting homosexuality he automatically promotes the child-stealing juvenile system, which facilitates so-called child adoption by homosexuals, many of whom are paedophiles.
The Fifth Commandment reads: “You shall not kill.” Bergoglio’s Deep Church is connected to the Deep State, whose goal is to achieve depopulation, i.e. mass annihilation. One of the means of achieving this goal was experimental vaccination, which Bergoglio pushed almost fanatically under terror. Many have died as a result of the vaccine and many have suffered serious health damage.
Bergoglio is equally fanatical in promoting the lie about the so-called climate crisis, which is also a means of depopulation. In his criminal exhortation Laudate Deum, he even dictates that supranational monitoring bodies should be set up to take priority over national governments. Bergoglio is thus promoting and advocating global terror.
The pseudo Pope publicly honours mass abortionists, while on the other hand he excommunicates a priest who fights to protect the life of the unborn.
Bergoglio abrogates the Sixth and Ninth Commandments on morality by legalizing the gravest sin of all, sodomy.
Moreover, the pseudo Pope abrogates the Seventh and Tenth Commandments not by promoting common thievery, but in the system of legalization of sodomy it is primarily about the stealing of children by so-called social services in support of the aforementioned pseudo adoption of children by homosexuals.
By vehemently supporting Schwab’s Great Reset and the 2030 Agenda, Bergoglio supports the robbing of every person on the planet with the goal of achieving starvation and depopulation.
Bergoglio abrogates the Eighth Commandment in his decrees issued by usurped papal authority. They are a false witness to the Gospel of Christ and to the authentic teachings of the Church. As for global covid affairs, climate crisis, or gender and transgender fraud leading towards transhumanism, in all of this he bears false witness against the truth and against the innocent. His false testimony has also covered up paedophile and homosexual scandals.
Without batting an eye, Bergoglio recites the Creed while destroying the sound doctrine represented by the Creed. In his document “Ad theologiam promovendam”, he establishes the principle of paradigm shift. He literally states: “Theological reflection is called to a turning point, to a paradigm shift.” And finally, he introduces a new clause saying: “All that I have decreed in this Apostolic Letter motu proprio given, I order to have stable and lasting force, notwithstanding anything to the contrary.” To be clear – the entire Holy Scriptures and the entire Tradition are contrary to it and are abrogated herein.
With his Declaration Fiducia Supplicans, Bergoglio transforms the Catholic Church into a New Age anti-church, or a synagogue of Satan. He abrogates both the Ten Commandments and the Christian Creed. He is doing all this without Catholics being aware that he has driven them outside the Catholic Church and under a curse. It has come upon them for their passivity. That is why every believer, priest and bishop must now wake up to reality. They must break away from the false doctrine, from Bergoglio’s false pseudo-church and from the false prophet Bergoglio, who is in no way a valid pope. The arch-heretic Jorge Bergoglio is no Holy Father!
In order for Catholics to receive the light and strength to take a saving step, they need to begin to build their personal relationship with God. This requires at least one hour of prayer daily. The optimal time is from 8 to 9 pm. Without prayer, Catholics will not be able to take a step towards their temporal and eternal salvation, and little by little they will spiritually bleed to death.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

10 January 2024

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