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NIGHT SHADOWS 02072024 -- Lies About the Economy. The US Border Invasion is so Obvious, Only the Lord Could Blind Americans to it.

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Published on 07 Feb 2024 / In Film and Animation

Russia warns that if NATO enters the war that Russia will have no choice but to use nuclear missiles, and warned that if America places nuclear missiles in UK it will have to respond as 4 Russian aircraft spotted off Alaska - Russia is always probing our air defense system - they know the West will not relent in pushing for WW3 and sooner or later the Bear must and will defend itself in a war that “no one wins”. Then we have the UN, the WEF and WHO all involved in a global power grab that prophecy says will happen. Watch for a big push for a “vaccine patch” filled with micro snake fang needles so small you don’t feel anything with you place it on your arm. Then we have earth changes with wild weather all over the world and more…
The economy is in really bad shape while Biden and fake news media hide what is really happening and tell us all how wonderful the economy is!!!
A military INVASION is taking place as America is filled with a 5th column Biden/UN operation to bring America down and submerge her under the UN FLAG. This is so obvious that only the Lord could blind the American people to what is going on all around them. This is the price we pay for disobedience. Then of course we have our illustrious “Christian leaders” who refuse to warn their flocks of what is about to happen to them and on and on it goes…
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