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New York School District Strips Armed Guards of Guns To Make Kids Safer

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Published on 30 Oct 2018 / In Film and Animation

New York School District Strips Armed Guards of Guns To Make Kids Safer

Can't make this stuff up....

Dr. Michael Patton, Superintendent of Schools (518-583-4708)

The Superintendent of Schools is the chief administrative officer of the school district and oversees the entire school operation. Questions related particularly to school board procedures and policy should be directed to this office.

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[email protected] 12 days ago

Protect lives, not guns. What an ignorant slogan. It should be protect lives with guns. We know the only way to protect people from a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. That is simple basic common sense. The idea that outlawing certain types of guns and/or magazines or all on them will protect lives is utterly ludicrous & can only be based in ignorance. I guess swords, knives, arrows, spears, etc. have never been used in the commission of a crime. The #1 murder weapon has been a baseball bat according to FBI statistics. Where is the outcry to ban or regulate baseball bats? We don't even have a right to keep & bare baseball bats. We do have an inalienable right to keep & bare arms, (this includes firearms, swords, knives, spears, bow & arrow, etc. )

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neostrand 3 months ago

Dont bring a knife to a gun fight....or... strong words. Only idiots with a mission is going to bring a gun to school....to use it.. Not show and tell!

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What I'm Listening To
What I'm Listening To 8 months ago

Lambs to the slaughter

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Nnuunn Yyaa
Nnuunn Yyaa 8 months ago

Look for a school shooting there soon. Fuckin morons.

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Ronald Sjr
Ronald Sjr 11 months ago

People that have their loved one's murdered in a "Gun Free Zone" need to be sued or jailed or shut down or all three.

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